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An Interaction of Opposites

It is often the case that the relationship between intellectual concepts is never as straightforward as it may first appear, and nowhere is this superficiality more carefully deconstructed than in Oxford House’s upcoming exhibition ‘Freedom and Control’. The private viewing for this artistic collection – the collective works of four Fine Art students at the University of East London – is taking place on Thursday 3 December from 6-9pm as part of First Thursdays. 

This exhibition will focus on the relationship between two concepts: freedom and control. Instead of positioning the two in diametric opposition to one another, ‘Freedom and Control’ will instead explore the intricate connections between these ideas and reveal how they in fact speak to and enable one another. Think about the paradoxical fact that freedom in everyday life arises out of an individual’s ability to take control over their own life, choices, and actions. What happens when this idea is ingeniously translated into the world of artistic creation? ‘Freedom and Control’; an exploration of the control over mind and material that is necessary in order to find freedom of expression in art.

The four artists will make use of different mediums – including photoetching, acrylic, and mixed media – in order to control and make manifest their creative ideas. Almost paradoxically, this collection will show how such control can lead an artist to a freedom that arises in the very act of creation, an idea which manifests itself in many different ways. Farheen Ghodiwala, for example, inspects insects and flowers in order to seek out the patterns, lines, and dots within these material creations. Lauren Pitt, Joe One, and Samantha Reilly similarly explore this theme, and yet do so in different and highly unique ways. This exhibition is set to be a captivating one, and is definitely worth a visit.

Text: Hayley D.