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Go Oxford!

Oxford will always have a tiny soft spot in our hearts. Everything that Oxford House is today remains deeply influenced by our genesis way back in 1884, when students from Keble College, Oxford took up residence here in order to help alleviate Bethnal Green’s urban poverty.

This weekend is thus an exciting one for us: on Sunday, the 162nd Oxford and Cambridge boat-race is taking place, giving us a very good opportunity to show our support and heritage (Go Oxford!). Not that we are biased or anything…

As you can see it’s exciting stuff, and we are happy to reveal we are not the only ones in East London to be involved in the whole affair. On the day of the race Spitalfields City Farm will be hosting their own event, the Goat Race 2016, which is a hilarious, originally satirical event that is swiftly becoming a tradition in its own right. If rowing is not for you and watching two goats race alongside each other is, then you might have found your calling.

Text: Hayley D.

Image: Goat Race, Spitalfields City Farm.