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History in the making

On 7th September, Oxford House opened its heritage project after receiving a Heritage Lottery Fund of £102,800 as development funding and to further help progress a bid for a total of £964,000. The heritage project aims to renovate Oxford House by repairing places like the Chapel and its roof, introducing a new café overlooking Weavers Fields, designing a new entrance and re-introducing the historic roof top walk. These are just some of the major renovations the project aims to carry out.

The project additionally aims to create a well-grounded heritage programme which will allow it to preserve the history of Oxford House and its vital role within the community from the Victorian age up to the present day.

As part of the project, surrounding neighbours such as local businesses, tenants and the general public are invited to attend heritage consultation workshops to put forth their views and opinions regarding the key changes that will take place within Oxford House. These heritage workshops will continue to be held up until the 16th October.

It’s also possible to view the plans and give feedback online at

Speaking of the history of Oxford House, on the 19th September, visitors are invited to explore and experience first-hand the rich history of its Victorian Chapel, as part of the wider Open House London.

By Safia Siddique, Oxford House’s Heritage Volunteer