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Jazzing it Up

If you ever want to see what all the fuss surrounding jazz music is about, I would definitely recommend coming along to Bethnal Green in Jazz – a project that we are hosting here at Oxford House! Throughout May we have been hosting jazz shows each Friday, and there is still one more performance on May 22nd – The Frank Griffith Sextet – which you can buy tickets for!

Aldevis Tibaldi is the man behind this project, and his own London Ensemble took to our theatre last Friday. In such an intimate space, the sounds of the instruments filled the whole room and it became an impossibility to restrain from nodding your head along to the sounds. Being in such close proximity to the audience, it really felt as though the band was playing just for you.

The combination of the instruments – saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, double bass, and drums – was intricately worked in order to perform Aldevis’ original compositions (although there were a few covers, too!) The songs all had a story, and it was highly engaging to be told about them. Two songs, ‘Dinner Jacket’ and ‘Nightbus’, were influenced by a life in London and its customs. We were then told that the next song was called ‘Insomnia’, and were thus highly attuned to the mood and the style of the song. Each tune was completely different – some were very upbeat whilst others were simply captivating – and even for a jazz newbie like me, it was highly refreshing.

The members of the ensemble were very friendly and often stopped to chat briefly between the songs. Their friendliness emphasised the already intimate atmosphere created by the songs, and by the end of the performance I think everyone was very reluctant to leave.
Since watching the performance, I have been wondering why I have not listened to much jazz music before now. If you want the same experience, come along on the 22nd May!

Hayley D.