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Oh! Trustee’s Interview: Linda Kaur

A long-time Oxford House trustee and Bethnal Green resident, Linda Kaur has been a school governor for 35 years. For over 20 years, Linda has run multiple businesses, and has always had a strong presence in the community welfare and betterment of Bethnal Green. She has been a member of the board for 22 years.

Becoming a trustee came naturally for me. I began my trusteeship many, many moons ago. Because I’ve always been a community person, I just felt that it would be nice to put something back to the community, as I grew up around here.

Life is a rollercoaster. Never judge a book by its cover. There’s a bit more to it: you have to give your all if you want to be a trustee, and you have to be sincere. You work with colleagues from different walks of life and from different viewpoints: it’s enriching.

No matter the difficulties, the results motivate me to do more. The best thing is that you’re proud you’ve committed to something for the whole of the community and you’ve seen something flourish.

It’s a learning curve. My trusteeship has helped me in my inner self to understand the bigger and wider picture of life, and the way everything’s evolving differently. It’s always given me an input and an insight to the world that is changing around me more so.

Get on board! I would like to say that to become a trustee, you should really want to become a trustee, and give it your all. There shouldn’t be any hidden agendas. It’s got to be for you to want to build on whatever other people have built on.

Izora Baba
Oh! Volunteer Blogger