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Some Time Alone in a Spacecraft… part 2

This is not the first time we have seen you at Oh! What did you perform here last year?
My performance last year was called ‘Still Score’. It was my first funded project, and the first time where I truly felt as though I was presenting a real, honest image of myself to an audience. It all came together when I found a slide projector on Ebay that came with over 500 photographic slides. The photos intimately documented a family’s life from the 1950s, and I decided to create a musical composition to accompany each one. I wanted to create and explore the meaning behind each photo, and to encourage the audience to do the same. I actually managed to track down the family behind the photographs, and they came to two of the performances!

And you’ve decided to visit us again with ‘Howl of the Moon’! What is involved in this performance?
Howl at the Moon’ will be a lot different from ‘Still Score’. I’m using new instruments – think synths, electric drum machines, and electric bass machines. I also have a loop station – I’m creating an electronic soundscape! Also… street dancing will be involved.

Since Apollo 11 landed on the moon, everyone has heard about Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Few people know that there was a third man present though – Michael Collins. His job was to stay in the space craft. He had to just remain on his own for almost an hour, travelling around the dark side of the moon with complete radio silence. The 48 minutes that he spent on his own is the starting point for this performance. I like to imagine that he brought with him a keyboard and drum machine: this is what I want to recreate! The stage will be transformed into Apollo 11!

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Text: Hayley D.