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The hoardings are up

‘The hoardings are up’

Work has commenced on the Oxford House Redevelopment. Throughout we plan to keep everyone informed on how things are going. With this in mind we have asked photographer Keith Greenough to make a photographic record of this important new phase in the long history of Oxford House. We shall be working with Keith and between us we hope to keep you both informed and entertained. We plan blog posts and associated social media activity on a regular basis. So, keep a look out for these.

John Ryan, Oxford House

It’s exciting times at Oxford House. Work on construction phase of the redevelopment project has begun!

This is very apparent from the outside of the building as hoardings and scaffolding are now up, masking the old building and signalling that things are about to change.

View from the Pocket Park











Inside, the area previously occupied by John Ryan and the administration team has been emptied. This is destined to become part of the new café. The old café is closed and awaits the redevelopment…

Empty admin office waiting for builders











The top floor currently has a surreal quality about it with polythene tunnels, massive ventilation systems and men in white overalls and masks all around. The process of removing asbestos has begun. Fraser Sinclair undertakes the technical work to determine if the air quality meets the required standards. He has set up a temporary laboratory in one of the offices and has the unenviable task of donning full protective gear in the recent hot weather to carry out his inspection duties! In Victorian times, who knew that over 100 years later men in white overalls would be hard at work de-constructing the building fabric!

All photos by Keith Greenough (Oxford House)